New Year….

Well folks, I’ll say it again, I’m the worst blogger ever.

To make matters even worse, I’m no longer single. Remember my last post where I told you about my date? It just so happens I met the love of my life that night. 

Our first date was perfect so of course our second date (a movie and bowling) was phenomenal. There was lots of laughter, kissing, touching, and just wonderfulness in general. He even let me take a selfie of us! Look!!!


Look at this man…

I am pleased to announce that I did not sleep with him until our third date… like three whole weeks. If not more… I really don’t know. At this point it’s been almost three months and it seems like we’ve been together forever. He’s my other half. We fit. He makes me smile. He loves my kids. I mean loves them. Wishes they were really his. I mean perfect.

I know what you are thinking… too good to be true right? That’s what I think every day and every day he amazes me and is still here.

Ok, well maybe not HERE. This man has a career. He’s a wildland fire fighter and is currently working in Oklahoma.

Our relationship is being tested right now but let me tell you what… if we survive this separation, we will survive so much more.

I’m smitten y’all… truly smitten and utterly in love.

When I wake up from my fairy tale will you fill me in on what I have missed from the real world?