Still the worst blogger ever… But I’ve been doing research???

So I’m totally still the worst at this. Sorry for that… I got a new follower this weekend and that makes me happy! It also tells me I should try to be a better blogger. Luckily, I had a date last night so I totally have something to post about!!!!

Anytime I meet someone online I’m always super hesitant about our first in person meeting. Is this person really who they said they were? Are they going to look at all like their pictures? Is he going to have a voice like Mickey Mouse? A ton of questions start surfacing in my already freaked out brain. So you plan a meeting place, somewhere public and safe. Now, I knew what about me physically this guy was attracted to so like a good girl I totally used that to my advantage. I wore the pants that make my ass look good, the perfect top that accentuated my curves along with the bra that gives the proper amount of push, I curled my hair the way it was in his favorite picture of me, and had my makeup done by a friend. Why put all this into a first date? Because first impressions are key in the dating world particularly if it’s a first meeting and the guy is HANDSOME! Yes, folks this guy is stunningly handsome and attracted to me so I went the extra mile or two.  

We opted to meet at park and go for a walk before going bowling so we could chat and get to know each other. He had to travel about 45 minutes to get to me (even more impressive I know) and seeing as it was his first visit to my town he got lost and was a few minutes late but managed to find me and the park. I was shockingly calm. I looked good and you know, what have I got to lose? It’s a first date, it can be good or bad. Either way I get to go home and assess. And then he got out of his SUV and dear Lord is he gorgeous. I mean stunning. 

We start our walk. There was laughing and slight brushing. There was eye contact. We talked about all sorts of different things. He made me laugh. I made him laugh. It was a very enjoyable walk. At this point, I know I am attracted to him and that I enjoy his company but I can’t really determine how he feels about me. I make him drive me to the bowling alley like a proper date. Again, more enjoyable conversation and a decent musical selection. 

We arrive at the bowling alley and immediately have a blast and make fun of each other in the ever so attractive bowling shoes. Eventually it is just us in the entire bowling alley, laughing and having a great time. I’m a horrible bowler. I mean horrible. He, of course, is a wonderful bowler. He kicked my ass in our first game. We play another and by the second frame the physical attraction is evident. Finally, after I bowl an awful frame, he pulls me in and kisses me. It was unexpected but oh so desired and in fact amazing. Shockingly enough, a good make out session was all I needed to make me a decent bowler. Truth, he was now so distracted he couldn’t bowl for shit. I won that game by 7 whole points. I even got a strike! 

Unfortunately, motherhood kept me from staying out all night bowling. Reality is that was probably a good thing. I like this one. Let’s not muck it up just yet with the horizontal polka. He drove me back to my car, we made out some more, I went home. On the way home I did what most girls do and called the bestie to give her a play by play. As I am going on and on about what a good time I had I got a text. Put the bestie on speaker phone to check it. It’s a text from him…. only it’s not meant for me… it reads, “Good! It went awesome man!! The eyes got me though. Lol. But it was good.” 

And then he realized he sent it to me and it turned into a very comedic moment. I click with this one… let’s see how badly I can screw it up! 

Ok, not really… I do like him… I’m going to try my best not to ruin it… will fill you in more… I promise… maybe…