I told you so…

Remember before when I told you I absolutely sucked at blogging? Well I was telling the truth and then some… I don’t have internet at home (because I’m a poor girl) and suddenly have been swamped with work and life and learning life lessons about dating men from work. That’s right folks, I dipped my toe into the work dating pool… STUPID!  Of course, I will give you details to keep you from making the same mistake. 

M and I started flirting from the day I met him at work. I didn’t see him often but when I did there was a sparkle in his eye and some flirting to be had. Then there was the subtle facebook add, the occasional bump in the hall way, the time he came up behind me and put his hands on my sides to move me, little stuff but it was all building up to something. 

Finally, he commented on a facebook rant of mine about how he never wanted to get on my bad side. I took his opening and sent him a private message letting him know my bad side could be quite fun and that lead to a dinner invite and a number exchange. Dinner never happened but we did hang out at a another coworker’s house and had some drinks. One too many drinks lead to making out (which was delicious) and that lead to defiling my coworker’s guest bedroom and coming home with me. (yes, I had an over night sitter and my kids were not home) The sex was incredible as was the entire evening. He made a point to tell me that he wanted more than just sex from me and that he wanted a relationship. 

Goody, right??!!?!? 

I was thrilled and scared and cautious. Monday morning came and nothing was weird. The week went by and he made a point to find me and talk to me. He invited me and my kids camping with him that Friday but then at the last minute that was cancelled (which was ok, I hate camping). So we were supposed to get together that weekend. I heard NOTHING all weekend. And even more NOTHING on Monday. When I passed him on the road on my way home Monday night I sent him a short but to the point text that caused him to call me. He apologized and gave me excuses which I accepted and opted to move on and let it go. Until Wednesday night when he once again stood me up… another angry text this time about how I was done trying. This time I got the “don’t give up on me” text and didn’t have time to deal with him because I was having a mommy melt down pertaining to the first day of Kindergarten. Several texts later he was coming over that night. He did and stayed because he had to be at work at 2:00AM but because of that we never got to talk and lay down boundaries (I need boundaries to survive). Another weekend comes and I hardly hear from him at all. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but if you want to be in a relationship with someone wouldn’t you want to spend time with them and get to know them?

Once again Monday comes and I’m pissed. So I send him a lengthy email explaining myself to him and that I am feeling a little used and need some answers. Essentially I gave him an out and it was up to him where to go from there. The entire day goes by and I hear nothing from M. I know he’s read my email because I told him he needed to but have heard nothing. He leaves the office and talks to me like nothing is wrong. I’m furious. I text him and tell him I am about the enter bitch mode and an answer was in his best interest…. still nothing so I send him this 


To which about 30 minutes later I get a half assed apology about how we are moving at different paces and he wanted to take it slow and that he has too many hobbies that take up his time. I’m not sure what speed he was on but moving at the speed of sloth was not on my agenda. I didn’t want to dive head first but holy hell batman! I need a response! M then asked if we were going to be civil at work… DUH! Which is essentially what I told with an added, “doesn’t mean I don’t get to be hurt and angry though.” 

At this point we have had a couple awkward passings but nothing too miserable. I have also put in a bit more effort into my appearance this week. I even wore heels today… I don’t know what I’m hoping for but right now I’m having fun with it… 

Lesson learned… DON’T DATE COWORKERS!

It’s weird now. I work with mostly men… now I wonder how many of them know I put out so quickly… three for sure… who knows… it’s weird though…

Don’t do it!!!!!!!! 

(I’m a rambler and for that I apologize but not really)