Coworkers and online dating…

Today we shall discuss the awkwardness of seeing someone you see just about everyday on your dating site… FUCK! 

So I work in the oilfield industry which means I work with men and lots of them. When I first started I was shy and didn’t really talk much but now I have moved to the front desk and guess what?!?!?! I see every single one of the field guys almost daily. There isn’t a whole lot more awkward than knowing these guys have seen your personal profile with exactly what you are looking for in a man laid out for their eyes to read. Even better is that I get to see the same…. which brings me to a new point…

I am a judgmental bitch sometimes. I already know this about myself but I sometimes have to get knocked down and be reminded that some people are like me, they’ve been through a hard ship and they hide it well. If you just met me you would have no idea (unless I told you) that I just survived a two year relationship with a drug addict. You wouldn’t know that after having to live with family I am finally in my own place and finally am happy. The things we hide with our smiles and our actions are quite extraordinary. So when you learn things like this via your coworker’s online profile how do you look them in the eye and not want to apologize for judging them? 

One guy raised a son on his own and I often make fun of him for his shitting parking… or his short man syndrome… or his inability to fill out his paperwork properly… but fuck! he raised a baby on his own…. that’s some hard shit to do!

But that doesn’t really alleviate the weird I have to look you in the eye and know that you saw the super cute picture I took of myself in the bathroom at work, or that I like tall men, or that I seriously like older men… 

Another perk of online dating is you never know who you will see on there… until next time… 


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