Top ten

Today I was reflecting on my past relationships and all that they entailed. So of course I started feeling low… that’s I sort of kicked myself and said “wait a minute! you’re a catch!”

So I thought I would make a “Top 10 Reasons I’m a Catch List” and then maybe inspire my few readers to do the same…

1. I can love like there is no tomorrow. If I’m going to love you it’s not going to be done half assed. I’m going to love you with my everything (ask my kids). 

2. I’m a good mother. Conceited? Maybe but then again they are alive and fed and clothed and housed and I do it all without the help of a man (not that I want it that but ya know).

3. I can cook. I spent my youth in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother and learned what I could.

4. I have quite the sense of humor. I love to joke around and play. 

5. I make beautiful children. I mean seriously if you are going to bring someone home to meet mom who better than someone you know has the perfect hips for birthing. 

6. My ass…. if you’ve seen it… need I say more?

7. I’m smart… maybe not brilliant but I’m smart. 

8. I’m wise beyond my years. While I am a 25 year old single mother of two I’m certainly not your typical 25 year old. 

9. I love to laugh and I have a good wholehearted laugh.

10. BECAUSE I’M ME! There is no better reason than that really… 

Your turn. Try it because it’s not as easy as you think… I got stuck at number six and had to really think about myself and what I have to offer. GOOD LUCK!


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