My return….

I disappeared briefly and for that I apologize. I suffer from depression and the month of February was an ass kicker. But I am back and I fully intend to fill you all (the whole 3 of you) with my knowledge of the dating world! Unfortunately I have to run to the grocery store so I will leave you with a brief tip for allowing a man to buy you a drink…

Tip: If the man is soooo not attractive but offers to buy you a drink allow it… However that doesn’t mean you have to dance with him. If he is dumb enough to buy you a drink before asking you to dance that’s his problem! It might piss him off and he will more than likely not offer to buy you a drink but hey it’s worth it… little story to go with this because I sometimes can’t believe the shit that comes out of a man’s mouth. 

I was at a bar with a friend who I hadn’t seen in months and we were having a blast. I was at the time in a relationship so I had to be on my best behavior. A gentleman walked up and asked to buy us drinks and we all of course agreed. He wasn’t hideous but again I was taken. He asked what we wanted and we gave him our order. He came back to the table with just my drink and some story about how he wasn’t allowed to carry more than two drinks but was nice enough to give my friend money to go get hers. So he sits down with us and proceeds to chat which wasn’t awful and then he asks me to dance and not just a two step.. he wanted to bump and grind. I politely declined telling him I promised my husband (wasn’t actually married) that I would be good and not dance with someone else. The next thing that came out of this man’s mouth was a bit shocking… “Well it’s not like we’re fucking”

No sir, no we are not nor will we ever be… 


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