Lesson #1 – Tips on online dating

So online dating can be a very frightening experience but when done properly it can be incredibly entertaining and sometimes very rewarding. It can also be the biggest ego boost ever! And there are various types of dating sites, sites for real dating, sites for hook ups, sites purely for sex, and then of course site where you can try to find that special someone. 

The first part of a dating profile is having the right profile picture. You don’t want to be that girl who uses one of her senior portraits if that is not what you look like anymore. I’ve had children so clearly I do not look the same as I did almost 10 years ago. If you are really nervous about it ask a friend, who’s honest opinion you value, to come help you take one. Avoid at all cost making duck lips and having your toilet in the background because you’ve used your bathroom mirror. It’s just tacky! Also don’t be too revealing with the ta tas, wear a low cut shirt (if you’d like) but don’t show more than you are willing to give on a first date!

Second on the profile agenda is your “About Me” section. You definitely want to be clear as to what your intentions are but don’t be so clear that you come off as a bitch. This is something that I have been guilty of many many times and part of that is because I am naturally a bitch and sometimes brutally honest in ways I shouldn’t be. You also want to be sure to explain any shallow dating tendencies you may have, such as I will only date men that are 6′ or taller because sometimes I like to wear heels and I don’t want to be taller than any man. That and my mother told me growing up to not date short men because they are creepy. 

Once your profile is created and the internet men can see you it’s game on! 

Odds are you will get many emails or messages after the first 24 hours. ALWAYS look at the guys profile before responding!!!! Read their profile and make sure you actually want to talk to them because if not good luck getting rid of them. One of my own personal rules is to never respond to guys who simply say “hey” in their message to me, if you can’t put more effort in that to strike up a conversation with me then clearly you don’t deserve me. Another very important thing is to remember your own values and boundaries, never let a get push you around even in an email. See the below example:



Clearly I tried to give this moron some friendly advice and then he pissed me off and proceed to call me hateful and block me so I could no longer respond… I found it hilarious!!! Now I’m not always this snarky with guys but this one started our conversation off so wonderfully I found it necessary. 

Okay ladies, this is all I can come up with tonight… more on the wonders of online dating next time!


4 thoughts on “Lesson #1 – Tips on online dating

  1. That guy is priceless “hi, I’m vulgar & ugly, let’s fuck” – and then he gets pissed at you? You missed a great catch there.

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