Does anyone really know how to be single???

Let me start by saying being a professional single gal is not what I anticipated my life being but hey when life gives you lemons, you know!

Being a single mother makes things even more tricky because you have to remember that while you love your children, you are allowed to actually have fun without them. It is actually fine to pay a sitter and get dolled up and let a man twirl you around the dance floor. It is perfectly okay to put the kids to bed and sit up with a bottle of wine and chat with a girlfriend. It is also fine to go out and get rip-roaring drunk with a girlfriend, just be smart and safe and ALWAYS have a DD.

My plan with this blog is to have fun and tell stories and to help the other single girls in the world be single with class and sass! I will try to cover the basics but also the unexpected and the weird, because let’s face it ladies, there are some freaky men out there and how you handle it can sometimes be entertaining. I will even cover the do’s and don’ts  of online dating. Casual sex will be a fun topic because I have mastered the art of that too!

Lesson one will come tonight!


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